Sage dream / DROPS 180-5 – free knitting patterns by DROPS design

Scarf with lace pattern, knitted from top to bottom. The piece is worked in DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk. Free patterns by DROPS Design.

This knitting pattern is a real eye-catcher, whether on the front or on the back … Step 1 Row 1-5: Knit stockinette stitch with 1 edge stitch knitted on each side. Step 2 Row 6 (from right): 1 edge stitch on the right, 1 stitch on the right, * count 5 rows down with the next st on the left needle……

Cotton top for women – free knitting instructions

Free knitting instructions: headband with twist – Snaply magazine

Promod pullover with cable knit PromodPromod

KNITTED HOLE PATTERN for beginners easy I-channel crochet and knitting – Today Ilona shows you how the lace pattern is very easy to knit. Have fun…

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Colorful zigzag knitting pattern made of colorful knitting ropes for women and … – #of #colorful #colorful #women # for


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