Motley bird: Instructions – Keychain socks

Motley bird: Instructions – Keychain socks

Knitting pattern – star hat & triangular scarf – all sizes for children from 0 to 2 years

Craft Siberian Glow Gloves silver / black Xl ​​2019 gloves CraftCraft

The pattern mix of these socks combines a right-left pattern with patent stitches. The best thing about it: the repeat only has four stitches and the socks can be knitted in any size. All important stitch details can be found in the size chart for Schachenmayr REGIA 4-ply.

Free crochet pattern baby shoes for newborns!

luxury pink white stylish baby shoes make nose

Knit socks – you can do it even as a beginner with our instruction guide! Which sock wool, knitting needles, knitting technique? Plus size chart

Knit double edge stitch using the example of the scarf for life 2018 | DO-ITeria

Очень понравился рисунок.Может кому-то пригодится.Ничего сложного, а как смотрится ..


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