Knitting pattern

Knitting pattern

Today I would like to show you a border stitch that I am very enthusiastic about when it comes to knitted items that should remain open, such as scarves. It is a variation of the classic chain end.

Do you want to knit straight without curling up? Then try it with a smooth patent, it looks very similar to the plain knit.

What if everything you are going through prepares you for the wonderful … – #everything #of #your #you #du

"Labasa" socks – dog-made

DIY: Sew baby shoes with anchors – with free applique template, # anchor # applique template # baby shoes # baby shoe knitting #DIY

Free knitting instructions: headband with twist – Snaply magazine

Ravelry: Project gallery for Tiits sock patterns by Nancy Bush, #muster #nancy #projektgalerie #ravelry #socken


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