Knit 3 simple sock patterns

Knit 3 simple sock patterns – YouTube

Socks with a pattern that really spices up marigold yarn. Size 39/40 Material: self-curling sock yarn, double pointed needles no. 2.5 swallow pattern (divisible by 12): 1st row: * 2 sts right, 2 sts like…

Danish braiding pattern wool from super yarns Lot 1247 double pointed needles: 3,0 size: 38/39 60 total stitches cuffs: 1 round right …

Knit braid – sock braid suitable for beginners – YouTube

Socks with structure – my first instructions – after-work fidgeting

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Ravelry: Shamborough Socks Pattern by Amy T. Cheng – Knitting trends | nizy

Ravelry: Bill Huggins pattern by Claire Ellen With each passing year we have seen different models of baby booties in 2019 has taken on a completely different form. Whatever you dress the dolls, they all look good, especially when there are different knitting booties, their style is complete. Here are some interesting ones I picked out for you and I'm publishing them. When I see these beautiful booties, I think you will love them and wish to try them. Especially Adidas …

Zöpfli No name wool 4-ply double pointed needles 64 64 total stitches Cuffs: 10 rounds 2 r / 2 ltr Pattern: 1st round: 2 r …

"Rakiraki" socks – dog-made


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