Gant Signature Weave Sweater (Blue) Gant

Gant Signature Weave Sweater (Blue) Gant

ajour / lace knitting pattern -, #ajourlace #knitting #pattern #ajourlace #Knitting

Knitted lace pattern, super simple, only right stitches, both sides – YouTube

Knit ajour diamonds: knitting instructions for a lace pattern with small ajour diamonds. A versatile surface pattern that is suitable for different yarn qualities. // knitting // knitting pattern // knitting pattern // knitting lace pattern // knitting pattern German // cotton // natural // wool white //

beautiful openwork

Today in thunderclap there is a chic and airy knitting pattern to match the temperatures. This time CraSy Sylvie interpreted the hole pattern a little differently. The result

Knit asterisk pattern: A beautiful knitting pattern for knitted pieces with a view. Knitted from pure cotton, the star pattern is suitable for a shopping bag or is good for knitting disposable glasses with it. Decorated with a candle, they decorate the festive table or become an atmospheric wind light for the balcony and garden. // Knitting pattern // Free pattern // German pattern //



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